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For the purposes of registering Births and Deaths, Staffordshire was divided into a number of Registrars' Sub-Districts, which could cover anything from part of a large town, up to a group of several dozen rural parishes. The boundaries of these areas have changed frequently over the years since 1837, and as a result many birth and death records have been transferred between different register offices. Click on the name of the Sub-District to see a list of the places it covered.

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Death Coverage Last updated 7 December 2023
Sub-District Years Operative Registrars Office Held Code Years Indexed
Abbotts Bromley 1837-1935 Newcastle-under-Lyme AB 1837-1935
Alton 1837-1958 Newcastle-under-Lyme CA 1837-1958
Audley 1837-1937 Newcastle-Under-Lyme AUD 1837-1937
Biddulph(Congleton 1837-1893) 1894-2005 Newcastle-under-Lyme BI 1894-2008
Brewood 1837-Newcastle-under-LymeBRE1837-1919
Brewood 1837-Cannock ChaseBRE1919-1958
Brewood and Cheslyn Hay1958-Newcastle-Under-LymeBCH1958-1969
Burslem 1837-1974Stoke-on-TrentBUR1837-1974
Burton upon Trent 1837-Newcastle-under-LymeBOT1837-2008
Castle Church 1837-StaffordCCH1837-1879
Cannock (old Penkridge Rural District)1837Newcastle-Under-LymeCAN1837-2008
Cheadle 1837-1958Newcastle-under-LymeCH1837-1935
Cheadle and Alton 1959-Newcastle-under-LymeCAA1959-2007
Cheddleton 1835-1973 Newcastle-under-Lyme CC 1927-1973
Cheslyn Hay 1935- Cannock Chase CHY 1935-1958
Colwich 1837-StaffordCOL1837-1902
Dilhorne 1837-1939 Newcastle-under-LymeDI1837-1939
Eccleshall 1837- Stafford ECC 1837-1935
Fazeley 1837-Newcastle-under-LymeF1837-1905
Fenton 1837-1934 Stoke-on-Trent FEN 1837-1934
Gnosall 1837-StaffordGNO1837-1970
Hanley 1837-1974Stoke-on-TrentHAN1837-1974
Hartshill 1934-1939Stoke-on-TrentHAR1934-1939
Ipstones(renamed Cheddleton 1927) 1837-1973Newcastle-under-LymeCI1837-1927
Kidsgrove 1935- Newcastle-Under-Lyme KID 1935-2008
Kinver 1839-Newcastle-under-Lyme KNV 1839-1958
Leek 1837-1974 Newcastle-under-Lyme LE 1837-1935, 1959-1974
Leek and Cheddleton 1974- Newcastle-under-Lyme LAC 1974-2008
Leek Frith 838-1935 Newcastle-under-Lyme LF 1838-1935
Leek Rural 1935-1958 Newcastle-under-Lyme LR 1935-1958
Leek Urban 1935-1958 Newcastle-under-Lyme LU 1935-1958
Lichfield 1837-Newcastle-under-LymeL1837-1920
Lichfield 1837-LichfieldL1920-1992, 1993-2008
London Road (City General Hospital) 1939-1965Stoke-on-TrentCGH1939-1947, 1950-1965
Longnor 1837-1935Newcastle-under-LymeLON1837-1935
Longton 1837-1974Stoke-on-TrentLGN1837-1974
Mayfield 1845-1935
Newcastle-Under-Lyme 1837-Newcastle-Under-LymeNUL1837-1937
Newcastle-Under-Lyme [Post 1974] 1974- Newcastle-Under-Lyme NEW 1974-2007
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough 1937-1974 Newcastle-Under-Lyme NCB 1937-1974
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Rural 1937 Newcastle-Under-Lyme NCR 1937-1974
Norton in the Moors 1838-1922 Newcastle-under-Lyme NO 1838-1922
Penkridge 1837-Newcastle-under-LymePEN1837-1886, 1974-2008
Rugeley (Originally under Lichfield Registration District) 1837-Newcastle-Under-LymeRUG1837-1974, 1978-2008
Seisdon1958-Newcastle-Under-LymeSEIS1958-1992, 2006-2008
Shelton 1837-1903 Stoke-on-Trent SHE 1837-1903
Stafford 1837- Stafford STD 1837-1958, 1974-2008
Stoke 1837-PresentStoke-on-TrentSTO1839-1984
Stoke Rural 1903-1922Stoke-on-TrentSR1903-1922
Stone 1837-StaffordSTE1837-2008
Sutton Coldfield 1932- Newcastle-under-Lyme W 1932-1965
Tamworth 1837-Newcastle-under-LymeT1837-1920
Tamworth 1837-LichfieldT1920-2008
Trentham 1837-StaffordTRE1837-1897
Tunstall 1838-1934 Stoke-on-Trent TUN 1838-1934
Tutbury 1837-1969 Newcastle-under-Lyme T 1837-1975
Uttoxeter 1837- Newcastle-under-Lyme U 1837-2008
Whitmore 1837-Newcastle-Under-LymeWHIT1838-1925
Wolstanton 1837- Newcastle-Under-Lyme WOL 1837-1937
Wombourne 1838-Newcastle-under-LymeWMB1838-1921
Wombourne 1838-Cannock ChaseWMB1921-1958
Yoxall 1837-LichfieldY1837-1888